Welcome to the Belize Companies & Corporate Affairs Registry, the Government of Belize Local Business Registry.

In accordance with the laws of Belize, all firms or individuals conducting business in Belize should register their business with us.

We provide services for the following company types:

  • Local company incorporation (with or without limited liability)
  • Overseas company registration
  • Business Name
  • Limited Liability Partnerships

Due to Covid- 19 restrictions, we ask that instead of visiting our office, you make all efforts to contact us via email. The procedures to request a service via email are as follows:


1. Send email request

For inquires on fees and vetting of documents, kindly email

If you know your fees and all documents are completed, kindly provide proof of payment and email for processing.

You must clearly outline the services requested. For example:

  • Registration of a business name; or
  • Filing of 2020 Annual Return, one certified copy, and one Certificate of Good Standing; or
  • Request for a full search on “ABC Company Limited”

NOTE: Attached scanned or digital copies of forms, supporting documents and any other requirement. Scanned copies must be clear. Recommended that scans are done at 300 dpi. See the checklist for requirements.



2. Submit Documents

The only original documents required to be submitted at this moment are mortgages and debentures. These must be filled within 5 working days after the request is submitted.


3. Make Payment

Applicants will have the option of submitting payment via bank deposit or online transfer. An email outlining the total fees and bank account details will be sent to applicants. A copy of the bank’s deposit slip or online transfer receipt must be emailed to the office at the above-mentioned address.


4. Documents Processed

Upon receipt of payment, documents will be processed and a scanned copy of the receipt and completed documents will be emailed to applicants. Original certificates and other documents will be available to be picked up on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The only original documents required to be submitted to the registry at this moment are mortgages and debentures to receive Original certificates and other documents.

register register register

Registry Services


Kindly review the following checklists to ensure you provide all the requirements for registry services. Email your order request to following the Request Service procedures .



Full search by the registry (By email).
Full searches can be done by the registry. To request this service, you must:

  • Contact the registry via phone: 822-0421 or email at
  • Outline the companies you are interested in researching and any specific particulars.
  • Provide proof of payment. Kindly view Fee schedule.
  • The full search report will be provided via email.

In order to conduct a company research in person, an appointment must be made. The procedures to do so are as follows:

  • Contact the registry via phone: 822-0421 or email at
  • Outline the companies you are interested in researching.
  • Date you will be coming in.
  • You will then be assigned a time slot.

Kindly note due to Covid-19 measures implemented, in person research can only be conducted on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.



Other services offered by the registry includes but is not limited to:

  • Changes in Particulars of Business Name - (DOWNLOAD)
  • Annual Declarations
  • Annual Returns
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Changes in Business
  • Transfer of Shares
  • Registration of Mortgage or Charge
  • Voluntary Dissolution
  • Restoration of Company
  • Business Name search
  • Reservation of Business Name



Laws, amendments and SIs - DOWNLOAD


Form 1

Business Name - Registration by an Individual -

Form 2

Business Name - Registration by a Firm (partnership) - DOWNLOAD

Form 3

Business Name - Registration by a Corporation -

Form 6

Statement of change - Individual - DOWNLOAD

Form 7

Statement of change - Firm - DOWNLOAD

Form 8

Statement of change - Corporation - DOWNLOAD

Form 9

Cessation of Business -

Form 11

Statutory Declaration -



Statutory Declaration Form

Kindly fill out the Statutory Declaration Form - DOWNLOAD

Sample Forms

Sample Form 1 - Business Name

Updated Fillable - Max Butchery -

Sample Form 1 - Business Name

Sample Form1 with Supporting Documents - DOWNLOAD

Sample Form 2 - Business Name

Registration by a Firm -

Sample Form 3 and Form 11

Corporation Registering a Business Name - DOWNLOAD

Cover Letter Sample

An example of a Cover Letter - DOWNLOAD


Fee Schedule

List of Fees -


BCCAR Updates November 2020

How to Register a Business Name

How to Incorporate a Company

How to Submit an Annual Return



Due to Covid 19 measurers implemented we are only open to in person services on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for company services only by appointment.

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